Saturday, August 12, 2017

Morgans 8th Birthday!

We start every actual birthday with a special breakfast and surprises. This is Morgan running down the hall to discover what her day had in store for her. LOVE!
She discovered a pancake with sprinkles on a heart plate and milk in a "fancy" colorful cup. She also had birthday cards from extended family and a present from us.

Look how excited she is! This makes me so excited for their upcoming birthdays. It's such a fun time of year!

When I dropped her off at school, her teacher had decorated her desk. I thought this was incredibly sweet and thoughtful of her.
 For dinner we took her out to her favorite restaurant (Olive Garden)! 

 Although it's blurry and bad lighting, this may be my favorite picture of these two. It's so genuinely sweet. She had asked to sit by her daddy during dinner.
 I brought her cards that were made during her baby shower to dinner for her to open. I had forgotten to have her open her 7 year card so she got to open two.

I can honestly say this dinner was perfect. We had such a great time celebrating our 8 year old!

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