Monday, January 8, 2018

Park Play In More Beautiful Weather!

After school one day I took the girls to this nice park that is about a 25 minute drive from us. I'm still sooo thankful that I'm able to do this sort of thing thanks to our new career. I never tire of being in nature and could use a big dose of it right now actually. I had thought about taking the girls to Yosemite today but we have some employee shortages at work so now wasn't the best time but I'll make it happen soon.

I enjoyed watching my girls get to be little girls. They love playing in nature too.

Beautiful Weather!

These pictures were taken in January but in California that equals beautiful weather in my book! It's usually in the low 60's during this time of year. 
She makes being cool look so easy.

Aunt Dusty, our friend Tammy, and her little girl, Grace, came over to play.

Random Pics!

I'm super behind on this blog but I came across these pictures and couldn't help but post them.
These are pictures from Daniel's phone. The first three are from our trip to San Francisco during our Grocery Outlet training (feels like ages ago)! I think we made this trip in early or mid 2016.

 He's so handsome! 
 We went out for a family meal the day we got back. As much as I enjoyed being away, nothing will replace what being with these kiddos does for me. 

Christmas 2016!

Hands down this gingerbread man is my favorite ornament. Morgan made it when she was in kindergarten. Unfortunately it's not on the tree this year so I hope we didn't lose it. I can't wait to bring out all the boxes when we pack stuff away so I can see if we accidentally just missed putting it out this year. 

A few days before Christmas, we packaged up the baked goodies we made to deliver to neighbors. We didn't do it this year but I hope to next year because it was a lot of fun for all of us. 

Family time!

Putting out goodies for Santa and his reindeer!

The tree trimmed with Santa's gifts.

This peppermint cake was a bust! I used the amount of peppermint extract the recipe called for but it tasted like cough syrup! The whole thing went into the trash and I decided that year that I'd only make tride and true desserts. 

This is just a random picture of Charlotte enjoying some ice cream the day we went to go see Santa. It was just such a good day and this picture makes me happy just looking at it.
Nana helped me make my ugly Christmas sweater for our contest that year.