Sunday, August 27, 2017


After years of wanting to take the girls to the Nutcracker, I finally made it happen! They were on the edge of their seats the entire show. As I've said many times before, I love exposing them to these types of things and feel very fortunate that we're able to.

Food & Family, Thanksgiving 2016!

Dusty and I have learned that in order to have a relaxing nice day on Thanksgiving with family, we have to divide the cooking and start the day before. And yes, I will state every year how I will never understand how my mom managed to do the whole meal by herself for many, many years. 
Below are some of my preparations. 
 The yams I make are a labor of love.
 The girls enjoy watching movies while I work in the kitchen.

 Charlotte did request some finger painting time though.
 Her masterpieces!
 Ooof! The kitchen gets messy with all that cooking!
 The girls always start Thanksgiving morning off with the parade, just like I did as a little girl. And yes, that's a thick layer of dust on our old tv stand.

 The girls quickly put Nana in charge of babysitting their babies once we arrived to Aunt Dusty's house. time!
 The girls helped Aunt Dusty with appetizers.

 Chase challenged papa to an arm wrestle match.

 Dusty is a legit Martha Stuart kind of host!

 I adore these two! I'm grateful every day that I have such amazing parents!
 My handsome nephew!

 I couldn't pick between these two pics but check out Miss Charlotte in the bottom left hand corner.
 These two are such gorgeous people inside and out.
 Hmmmmmm....can't wait for a repeat of the below! We're coming for you Fall!


Just writing that word makes me so happy!
Fall in this part of the states is glorious! The girls and I can't stay inside with weather like this. Unfortunately my camera's settings were messed up on all these pictures so they're all blurry but I can't help but still post them because they're happy memories of my family and I enjoying life.

 Look at our beautiful Maggie girl!