Sunday, April 22, 2018

Daddy/Daughter Dance!

I completely forgot about their 50's themed dance until 8 pm the night before which meant I was at Target at 10 pm desperately searching for 50's styled stuff they could wear for their dance. I think I did alright because they sure looked cute! They adore their daddy daughter dances. They have a blast with him which makes me so, so happy.

Little Stuff!

It's true!

 My precious sleeping girl.

St. Patrick's Day 2017!

My little leprechauns!

She Loves To Learn!

Since Charlotte was only in Transitional Kindergarten, she didn't start receiving homework until mid way through the year. Daniel and I were so relieved to learn that she actually enjoys doing her homework!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fish Hatchery & Lost Lake!

 I often plan family outings in order to get us all out of the house and spending quality time together. 
We hadn't been to the San Joaquin Fish Hatchery in awhile so we decided to visit.
 My girls are so good about picking me flowers!

 There's this nice trail right next to the hatchery that's pretty and scenic.

 Do you see the little brown creature in the middle of this below pic?

 We had planned on walking all the way to Lost Lake from the Hatchery but we received lots of rain that year so the trail was flooded. We hoped back in our car and decided to drive to Lost Lake instead .

 The road access to Lost Lake was actually closed too because the river was so flooded but since we were just planning on walking around and exploring, we decided to park outside the gate and foot it the rest of the way.

 If you look close enough you can see tables under water in the river. That helps to show how flooded it was.

 The whole area was beautiful!

 More flowers from my babies.

We had a really lovely day together. I hope our girls grow up remembering these outings or at least our time together. 

Getting Older!

The below pic has nothing to do with this post (it's random anyway) but I had to add it because it's of Charlotte in that cute outfit again! She looks like a little rocker to me. Nana bought her the shirt, pants and shoes. Actually, Nana bought Morgan the shirt and pants lol but they got passed down!

 Daniel did a great job of buying me a cake and flowers for my birthday! I loved them!
I keep trying different plants on our back patio but without much luck. They all seem to get fried during our hot, hot summers!
Daniel's birthday is about 2 and half weeks after mine. I was making dinner for him that night when Morgan walked out of her room looking all spruced up! She said she wanted to dress up for his birthday. I thought she did an amazing job with her look. She looked beautiful!

The Day Morgan Earned Her Yellow Belt!

Morgan tried out Karate for awhile. It definitely wasn't easy and after a few months, she asked if she could quit. Daniel and I thought that maybe if she felt the pride of earning her first belt, she may want to continue and we didn't want her to quit halfway through so we told her that after she earned her yellow belt she could quit if she still wanted to.  
Well, she did end up earning that belt and you could tell she felt proud when she did but when asked by her Sensei if she was going to quit or keep going she very happily stated that she was quitting lol! Her Sensei then asked what her plans were instead of doing Karate, she said she was going to become a singer and sell her art! Ha! What am I going to do with this kid?!
The below videos are of the night of her testing to see whether she was going to earn her yellow belt. You can tell how impressed her Sensei and other coaches were with her performance especially after her struggle in the class. Just goes to show she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. She had to memorize different techniques and be able to perform them when asked.