Saturday, July 15, 2017

Science Museum!

There's a new museum about 45 minutes from us (in the town where I was born actually) so we decided one day to go check it out. It's small but it made for a great afternoon! We got to learn about the animals that used to walk the earth in this very area many, many years ago.

 Not long after walking in, there was this area where you could look at little fossils and bones through a magnifying glass. Charlotte LOVED it and we couldn't tear her away. We let her play for a really long time until the rest of us were bored to tears and we hated to make her move along but obviously had to at some point.

 Daniel and I of course loved watching her enjoy something so educational.

 Daniel taught her about molars.

 Morgan and I looked at one of her interests (rocks and crystals) and started to take pictures to try to pass the time lol. I was big into rocks and crystals when I was her age too.

 I'm pretty sure I'm oversharing but I love these series of pictures. 

Daniel works really long hours. While the girls dug for dinosaur bones, he couldn't help but pass out, poor guy!

 Across the parking lot was this old orange building that used to be called Mammoth Orange and OMG! I just realized why it was called that! Apparently there were a lot of Mammoths in this region and of course it was referring to the large size of the orange building. Anyway, there used to be a lot of these along side the highway in this area and apparently they made delicious burgers. I remember seeing them as a kid but I'm not sure I ever actually ate at one. They no longer exist (this may be the last one) but the museum is trying to raise money to restore it. It's an icon of the area.

 Since we were already in the area we stopped at the winery where Daniel and I are members to grab some Port.
The wine they were featuring that day for their wine tasting was supposed to be paired with chocolate which the girls got to enjoy!

It was a lovely day!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Work, Work, Work!

My kitchen table generally looks much worse than this. We currently use our 4th bedroom as a guest/office space but since it's so small the office space isn't big enough for what I need now that I'm working from home. We have a bonus room that is used as a play room for the girls right now. Maybe we should consider using half of that room for a proper office for me so our kitchen table can go back to being used what it's intended for.
 So I haven't really been decorating much this past year because the new business takes up all my spare time but looking at pictures of decorating in the past makes me want to get my act together! I didn't decorate for 4th of July that just passed and Morgan commented on it which made me sad.
 Our girls spend time with us at work a little bit each week. 
 Charlotte enjoys typing while Morgan draws. Our office at work is so dilapidated! Some day we'll spruce it up.
 Our store! 

 Daniel put the girls to work!
 I wonder what they'll think of the business as they grow. I'm not sure I ever shared but shortly after learning we were going to own this location, I told Charlotte that the store was going to be ours. I'll NEVER forget her reaction as a 4 year old! Her eyes got big and a huge smile flashed on her face as she said, "Really? Oh mommy! I'm so proud of you!" Having a 4 year old child say they're proud of you was priceless. Literally, nothing could replace that moment for me.

School Carnival 2016!

Look at these bubbles! Aren't they amazing?

 I think Charlotte was crying because she got stuck or scared but big sis went back to help.

 My beautiful Morgan!