Friday, November 10, 2017

Charlotte's Recital & Christmas Cookie Baking!

 Charlotte performed in a Christmas recital for her tap/ballet class. These little costumes were to die for! The performance just added a little more sparkle and magic to the season for us.

 Ha! She likes to pose and I promise it's ALL her. I do not request the poses.

 After her recital, Aunt Dusty came over so we could bake Christmas cookies and goodies together.

 No doubt this is going to be a favorite memory for the girls because they LOVE doing this every year.

Morgan's meticulous work...

I grew up watching and loving these Christmas classics. I bought them for the girls and they now watch them every year too. They always bring back so many magical Christmas memories for me.

 The finished product!

Morgan's Store!

I really, really enjoy getting to witness the girls be creative with their play. Especially since I'm guilty of letting them spend too much time on their Kindles.
The girls created a store with money, a check out stand and everything!


Charlotte's First School Performance!

So for the first time last year, not only did we get to attend Morgan's Christmas performance but we got to attend Charlotte's too! I love seeing how excited they are.
Ugh, this age is just so sweet and precious!

They did so good! I'm a proud mama.

Our Tree!

We get so much joy from the tree in our front yard this time of year! As we're coming and going from the house, we always ooh and awe over it!

Again, these pictures are from last year. The tree has yet to really start changing colors this year but we keep checking on it because we can't wait!

Christmas Tree Shopping!

It's so funny that I'm a year behind but hey, at least the content is applicable! 
I think they had more fun playing with nature then they did picking out the tree!
Not sure how we missed it at the lot but do you see how lopsided this tree is? It took us days to figure out how to get it to stand upright. It tipped over multiple times spilling water all over our carpet and because it was so big and heavy there was little we could do to clean it up so we were sure we were going to have to replace the carpet from mold after the holiday. We ended up drilling holes into our wall and tying the thing up to hooks in our wall to get this thing to stand up! I thought Daniel was going to just give up and throw the thing out ha! It. was. awful.

I love that our house has double doors because it makes it so much easier to bring large objects into the house. It's the little things really.

The girls took it upon themselves to help sweep up the tree needles. Thanks girls! That was seriously awesome!
Thankfully the end result (days later) was beautiful! Still lopsided, but beautiful!
And as if the holidays aren't busy enough, we also were going through a re-model at our store.

This all happened during store hours which was crazy and stressful. But we knew the end result would be worth it.