Saturday, March 4, 2017

First Day Of Second Grade & Transitional Kindergarten!

We started the morning with waffles, bananas and milk!

 Lunches are an important part of a first day! I'm noticing that I packed them 60% juice which is odd since I normally only purchase 100%. And wowza, that's some dirty grout! SOME day I'll have countertops with no grout. However, I've recently found a great scrub brush that makes cleaning tile grout so much easier!
 I couldn't pick just one picture. They were all so cute of our excited little girl!

Morgan looked absolutely stunning in her big girl dress!

Morgan was so good with helping Charlotte and showing her the ropes.

Off to school they go with their new backpacks! Daniel commented how Charlotte's was the same size as her.
Red shoes!

While walking to class, she seemed relaxed and was even being her goofy self.

 I caught her as she entered her class for the first time.
 And met her teacher. Look at that baby face!
 Morgan helped her find her cubby.
And as we were saying goodbye, this happened.
 Look at daddy and big sister trying to console her. I love our family.
 No but seriously, looking back at these pictures, I honestly don't know how I left the classroom without her.

 Thankfully, the teacher's aide took her aside to try to get her settled while we exited the room. When I picked her up later that day and asked how her first day was, she said, "Worst day ever!" Lol! I thought, "Well, that's a great way to start the next 14 years of her life!" Thankfully, I'm happy to report that she does in fact love school and has proven to be quite studious. She excels in her work. Phew!
Poor Morgan doesn't love school but she does a good job of tolerating it. Thankfully, she's always mature about it and goes because she knows she has to. If there was a school full of art, she'd be in heaven!


  1. Oh my goodness, Charlotte's little face makes me want to cry. I'm so glad she enjoys school now! And big sis did a very good job trying to console her little sister.

  2. I hope when Morgan is in high school there will be a charter school nearby. She would fit in so well at Minarets.